Makit Green Program

7 Steps To a Beautiful Lawn

Early Spring Pre-Emergent
Spring Pre/Post-Emergent
Four Rounds of Spot Weed Control & Fertilizing
Fall Pre-Emergent

Additional Info:

Our "7 Step" Makit Green program will begin mid January with the Early Spring Pre-Emergent application. The second application is a Spring Pre-Emergent, followed by four (4) applications of Fertilizer and Spot Weed Control. The season closes with the Fall Pre-emergent application. The Makit Green program is guaranteed only when all the applications are done within the specified time frame of approximately six weeks apart. When pre-paying for this program by March 16th, we will waive the sales tax as an added bonus for your commitment to the program.

Makit Green Plus Program

7 Steps To a Beautiful Landscape

4 Insect & Disease Applications
(March - May - July - September)
Grub Treatment (July)
Deep Root Feeding
Dormant Oil (Dec)

Additional Info:

Our landscape program includes four (4) applications of insect and disease control (March, May, July and September), one (1) application of deep root feeding (December) and one application of dormant oil (December. Also included is one (1) Grub treatment (July) to round out the program. You may choose to have all applications or specify which ones you would like for your program.